~20 years with Løwchens~

Welcome to my home page!

At this page I want to introduce myself and the kennel.

My name is Dennis, and I have had Löwchen since 1988. I live in a small place called Støren, 50 km from Trondheim. The countryside is a lovely place to live with the dogs.

This kennel breeds in a small scale and my goal is to breed a good Löwchen, and for me that is the combination of good health, good temperament, and beauty!! This is not easy with such a small breed, so co-operation is very important.

The Löwchen is an active breed, and who love to be worked with, and they are a wonderful companies for their owners for many years.

Dennis Solo & Bette     Dennis Mauseth
    7290 Støren

    +47 72 43 55 73
    +47 97 59 21 08